Our Goals, Values, Staff, and Facility


Building Communities Today For Tomorrow

"Acting as a catalyst requires more than just doing your job. It requires building a community where salary and/or wages can’t compete with the joy of helping people, those who cannot help themselves."

 - Cedric Tucker, Founder, May 9, 2003

Our Goals

  • To provide continuity of care and comprehensive tracking of all clients as they progress through various levels of care.
  • To ensure effective service delivery to the population being served while in their own natural environment, which will entails a holistic approach of treatment.
  • To assist clients with their social, economic, spiritual, and emotional integration as they transition from various settings back into the community.
  • To create a work environment that is stable, diverse, positive, and has opportunity for advancement and where the work of our employees is recognized and valued.

Our Values

  • Accountability, Caring, Efficiency, Integrity, Intensity, Intimacy


About our Staff and Facility

Our Staff

  •  Professional, Culturally Diverse, Effective, Connected to the Community  
  •  We have a highly qualified and trained staff that has an average of 16 years experience in the mental health field.
  • We recruit and retain committed personnel who are motivated to make a difference.
  • We understand the challenges of the human service field and have Intimate knowledge of community resources.
  • We specialize in evidenced based treatment modalities.
  • We are ready, willing and able to go into the homes and natural environments of our clients.
  • We operate under strict quality assurance standards.
  • We are conveniently located near public transportation.
  • Our has adequate space for individuals, family and group counseling, workshops, seminars and conferences.

Our Board of Directors

Regina Shaw Esq,    


Associated General Counsel,

Freddie Mac

LaNae Caldwell BSW



Rosemary Anderson LCSW-C


School Social Worker,

Baltimore City Public Schools

Gail Williams Glasser-Kelly MSW   


Project Manager , Human Resource and Service Administration

Michael Tisdale 


Tisdale Realty, Baltimore Maryland

Our Leadership Team

Cedric Tucker

Advocate / CEO&President

James Henderson


Gregory George

Program Manager

Darlene Ellis-Jenkins

Program Manager

Nannette Patterson, LGSW

Clinical Specialist

Danae Wheatley, LCSWC-C

Clinical Specialist

Lorenzo Cooper, LGSW

Clinical Specialist

Ajah Doswell, LGSW

Clinical Consultant

Luara Stockdale

Registered Nurse

Wilma Dillard


Pearl Venable

Medical Records

Nicole Etienne