Hello my name is Rayna, and my son is in the program and he is doing very well. I have seen a very big difference in him since he has been in the program. He works well with his mentor and his mentor works well with me in going to the school and keeping up with his work when I can’t get there. I’m very glad to be participating in this program and I will be glad to refer anybody to the program whose child needs help.

C. Brooks


I believe that this program has helped me out a great deal. In the beginning, I thought that I couldn't make it knowing my son was diagnosed with ADHD. What troubled me was that I never thought that there were people out there who were able to understand and meet the needs of my kids until I met Ms. Black. She has helped me feel comfortable, asking for her help. This has opened my eyes to see that people really care. She gave a better outlook on this program. Her relationship

with my boys and the way she has accepted them is so great. Words could not describe the way I feel about her. You can see a difference in the way they act, and how they look forward

to the next day.



I like BCTT and I like my worker; She is my friend. She encourages me to keep my appointments, I feel good and I get what I need.